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Marino Vanhoenacker is a professional triathlete in service of the army.

Program + Results 2015

June 28 2015 - Very impressive win by Marino Vanhoenacker in Ironman® Klagenfurt Austria

finish Brazil Ironman

After the swim, Marino took the lead and a fast course record on the bike (4:11:47). For a long time he remained on race-record pace. Near the end of the marathon Marino started to enjoy his victory and lowered the pace. He finished with the 2nd-fastest run (2:45:53) with an impressive end time 7:48:45. It took more than 18 minutes for the second athlete (Austrian Michael Weiss) to cross the finish!
Ivan Raña of Spain was third.
The end time is fabulous considering that it is only four weeks after his 7:53:44 win at Ironman® Brazil.
This was his 7th win at Ironman® Austria and his finish time was the 4th best in Ironman® distance history. Only Andreas Raelert's 7:41:33 mark at 2011 Challenge Roth, Vanhoenacker's own 7:45:49 at 2011 Ironman® Austria and Ivan Raña's 7:48:43 winning effort at Klagenfurt last year were faster.

May 31 2015 - Marino Vanhoenacker wins Ironman® Latin American Championship Brazil


finish Brazil Ironman

Today, Marino dominated the Ironman® Latin American Championship Brazil with the fastest bike split in the race (4:11:23).
The 2:49:38 marathon sealed his 12° Ironman® win with a final time of 7:53:44.
Timothy O'Donnell (USA) was the runner up with a time of 7:55:56.

Another great performance by a great champion!

More to follow in the next months ...



  • June 28: Ironman Klagenfurt (Austria) - result: 1° - 7:53:44
  • May 31: Ironman Brasil - result: 1° - 7:48:45